Lars Nielsen - Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, UQ

"Considering our labour costs, the high-throughput quick turn-around service provided by PEF is cost-effective."

Professor Lars Nielsen 
Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology 
The University of Queensland

Jane Cardosa - Sentinext Therapeutics

"PEF has helped us enormously in method development for characterising our enterovirus 71 VLPs using state-of-the-art AF4 technology, thus allowing Sentinext Therapeutics to enter the field with confidence about the stability and integrity of our superious EV71 VLP vaccine."

Dr Jane Cardosa 
Sentinext Therapeutics 

Sherman Leung - Faculty of Medicine, UQ

"The UQ Protein Expression Facility produced a recombinant human protein for in vivo and in vitro experiments in my research. My experience with them was fantastic. Staff were professional, scientifically rigorous, and clear with communication. I have no issue recommending their services for the production of your protein of interest."

Sherman Leung 
Faculty of Medicine
The University of Queensland

Soo San Wan - Industry partner

"From the beginning to the end, prompt communication all the way, knowledgeable staff and always at hand to help with difficult technical queries."

Soo San Wan
Industry partner

Tony Velkov - Monash University

"PEF provided us with purified and active proteins to meet our groups project milestones and grant deadlines on time, every time!"

Dr Tony Velkov 
Monash University 

Tim Mahony - Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, UQ

"While PEF has excellent experience in a number of expression systems, its greatest strength is the capacity to work directly with the person who is managing my projects. This approach recognises that there is no one shoe fits all in protein expression and therefore increases the likelihood of success."

Associate Professor Tim Mahony
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
The University of Queensland

John Bingham - CSIRO, AAHL

"We have found PEF to have excellent customer focus and are highly efficient. We have really appreciated the regular communication and consultation throughout the production process and the detailed report at the end, as well as the excellent reagents."

John Bingham 

Michael Grant - Q-Sera Pty Ltd

"The PEF was our pre-CMO partner for over 2 years. I would highly recommend the PEF facility and staff for their expertise, flexibility and adherence to agreed timelines. In addition, the quality of PEF’s reporting was superb throughout."

Michael Grant 
Q-Sera Pty Ltd