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Protein quality is central to data integrity and reproducibility.

PEF has the expertise in analysing a broad range of biomolecules from recombinant or native source, including peptides, antibodies and virus-like particles. Proteins produced in PEF are characterised to verify the molar mass, size, homogeneity, identity, purity and stability. Additional attributes are investigated for different classes of proteins to provide a comprehensive profile of the protein of interest. Orthogonal methods are applied to characterise a given attribute to provide the protein properties.

Protein Attributes

Charge Protein Characteristion - PEF
Homogeniety  Protein Characteristion - PEF
Identity Protein Characteristion - PEF
Molar Mass  Protein Characteristion - PEF
Protein size Protein Characteristion - PEFSize
Structural integrity Protein Characteristion - PEF
Structural integrity

Protein Analysis Capabilities

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PEF offers upskilling for staff and students in all aspects of recombinant protein production.
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