Molecular Engineering

Molecular engineering is the first laboratory step in producing a recombinant protein. The aim is to obtain a plasmid that carries the gene of interest (GOI) in an expression vector.

A range of molecular engineering services are available at PEF, including:

Designing an effective cloning strategy

PEF will design and implement the optimal cloning strategy for your protein of interest.

DNA template generation

Includes: Gene assembly, Gene synthesis and Codon optimisation (optional)

Vector re-construction

Creating a vector field from experimental or computer generated data, usually with the goal of finding a differential equation model of the system.

Customised or high throughput molecular cloning

PEF offers a number of high throughput services in molecular cloning, expression, purification and characterisation.

Sequence verification

PEF can assist in confirming the DNA sequence of your gene.

Site-directed mutagenesis

SDM is a molecular technique used to introduce specific mutations (deletions/insertions/point mutation) to the GOI or vector sequence.

For all molecular engineering services, please contact us.
To view our list of available vectors, please visit our UQ Resource Centre.


PEF offers upskilling for staff and students in all aspects of recombinant protein production.
If you would like to enquire about training in any of the services offered by PEF please contact us.

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