Molecular Engineering

Molecular engineering is the first laboratory step in producing a recombinant protein.

PEF develops a molecular engineering strategy to engineer an effective expression plasmid for producing the protein of interest. The expression and purification strategy as well as the end-use of the protein are taken into consideration when PEF designs the expression plasmid.

Designing an effective cloning strategy

Design and implement the optimal cloning strategy for the gene of interest

DNA template generation

Generate DNA template of the gene of interest including codon optimisation (if required)

Vector engineering

Design and reconstruct a plasmid to introduce or remove vector features

Molecular cloning

Capabilities to clone the gene(s) of interest in either customised or high-throughput format

Sequence verification

Confirm the DNA sequence of the gene of interest

Site-directed mutagenesis

Introduce desired mutations into the gene of interest

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PEF offers upskilling for staff and students in all aspects of recombinant protein production.
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