Project design

The project design is ultimately determined by the end-use of the recombinant protein and the overall success of a project lies in an effective design.

Services available from PEF include project design in the following areas:

PEF works in close partnership with the researcher to design an individual stage or the complete project. For all project design services please contact us.

    For a full overview of the services provided by PEF, please see the PEF Production Platform.

    In addition to regular communication updates throughout your project, we provide a highly detailed report on project completion. Two example reports are provided below.

    For all project design services please contact us.

    High Throughput Services

    PEF offers a number of high throughput services in molecular cloning, expression, purification and characterisation. Features of the service include:

    • Fast and affordable cloning and small-scale expression screening
    • A suite of pOPIN vectors with different solubility and fluorescent tags that enable parallel expression in multiple hosts
    • Small-scale expression in E.coli, insect-cell baculovirus and mammalian cell lines in 24 deep-well plates
    • Optimisation of purification purity and yield in 96 deep-well plates
    • Protein stability screening and buffer optimisation for formulation/storage
    • DNA and protein analysis using the LabChip GXII

    For all high throughput services please contact us for a quote.