Bernd Rehm, Griffith University, Invited Speaker

“I'd like to thank you and the PEF team for putting together a stunning conference. I very much enjoyed the excellent program and the networking opportunities. I'm looking forward to the next Protein Australia conference in 2021.”

Olivia Tan Hui, Griffith University, Conference Attendee

“I'm a 2nd-year PhD student at Griffith University and we met briefly at the Protein Australia conference. I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed this conference. I found it to be extremely helpful with regards to the experimental aspects of protein production, purification and characterisation; I feel more confident that I can apply this new knowledge to my current work. Also, I am now aware of the services the Protein Expression Facility offers.

The line-up of presenters was incredible and I'm grateful to be exposed to the amazing work that is being conducted and learn about the technologies being applied within the protein research field. In addition, I was very inspired by the two plenary speakers, Prof. Fiona Wood and Prof. Manon Cox, who brought a strong insight into the challenges that needed to be overcome to successfully achieve a goal (especially in industry). 

Once again, thank you and your team for organising this conference. The catering was amazing, the company showcases were lovely (I particularly enjoyed the GE Healthcare AKTA Build Challenge), and the wildlife special lecture and animal showcase were so much fun. Overall, I had a very good time and enjoyed my experience. I have learnt so much from this event.”

Thomas Cornell, ACM Biolabs Pte Ltd, Conference Attendee

“Coming from Industry, we are never quite sure how relevant University conferences can be for us. But with Protein Australia, I was very pleasantly surprised. This conference was an excellent mix of industrial, both on the CEO and manufacturing level, as well as academic projects. Although the focus was on proteins, the topics covered were broad but still highly relevant. I really enjoyed this conference and learned a lot. I shall definitely be there next time”

Mario Torrado del Rey, The University of Sydney, Conference Attendee

"Protein Australia was a highly engaging and relevant conference for my current role starting a protein production facility at The University of Sydney. Everything I learned and discussed during the conference was 100% useful."

James Sundholm, BioTools, Trade Sponsor

“Protein Australia Conference was very well organised, featured excellent speakers and provided exciting interaction for trade sponsors to showcase innovative product solutions to delegates. BioTools looks forward to supporting the next event in the future”

Tracy Tay, Pall Biotech, Trade Sponsor

Protein Australia is a valuable conference to attend for academics, researchers, scientists and biomanufacturers across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.