Dr Gaurav Gupta is BVSc, MVSc and PhD (Virology), Senior Researcher based at Jenner institute, University of Oxford, UK in Transmission blocking Malaria group. He was leading various vaccine projects from 2004-2017 at Indian Biotech Industries (Biomed, Panacea Biotech and Zydus Cadila) and contributed for live viral, inactivated and recombinant DNA vaccines (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Influenza, Hepatitis B, Papilloma, Malaria, Leishmania, Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis E, Congo & Ebola vaccines). About 10 vaccines has reached to final commercialization after passing all clinical trials and has about 30 publications & 4 patents in areas of Immunomodulation, Vaccinology and Immunodiagnostics.