Protein Australia


16 to 18 July  
The University of Queensland


Protein Australia 2019

Protein Australia 2019 brought together scientists from academia and industry to contribute to the development of protein science and protein technology.

This national scientific meeting highlighted the recent advances on protein research, with a focus on protein engineering and production for structural and functional study and as protein-based bioproducts. The themes included protein engineering and production, protein quality and characterisation, and bioprocess innovation for biomanufacturing.

Dates and venue

Protein Australia 2019 was held 16 to 18 July 2019.

The venue was the Queensland Bioscience Precinct Auditorium at The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia


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Plenary Speakers


Fiona M. Wood, FRACS AM

Burns Surgeon and Clinical Professor
Ongoing quest to make a difference to people's lives

"The role of the Interdisciplinary Team in Translational Research

Manon M. J. Cox, PhD MBA

CEO and Vaccine Technology Innovator
Driving change in the vaccine industry

"A blueprint for successful product development"

Special Lecture on Wildlife Conservation

Presented by Craig Franklin, Deputy Head of School & Professor School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland.

Titled: "Why biodiversity is important - insights from extreme life: an Australian perspective". 

Followed by an interactive wildlife display. 




Ines I. Atmosukarto

Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer
Lipotek Pty Ltd

"LipoChel liposomes, a versatile multivalent anchoring platform for recombinant proteins, with applications in flow cytometry and in vivo bio-imaging techniques"​

Kym Baker

General Manager
Patheon, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Patheon Biologics Australia Pty Ltd

"Manufacturing modern miracles"

Megan Baldwin

CEO & Managing Director
Opthea Ltd

"OPT-302: A novel VEGF-C/D ‘Trap’ to Combat Retinal Eye Disease"

Jagan Billakanti

Senior BioProcess Scientist
Luina Bio

"Bacterial and yeast recombinant protein production – An industrial perspective"

Keith Chappell

Senior Research Fellow
The University of Queensland

"Rapid response pipeline for stabilised subunit vaccines"

Henry Chiou

Director of Product Management, Protein Expression & Transfection
Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Streamlining biologics development with the Expi systems"

David Craik

ARC Laureate Fellow
The University of Queensland

"Natural peptide-based scaffolds in drug design"

Craig Franklin

Deputy Head of School & Professor School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland

"Why biodiversity is important - insights from extreme life: an Australian perspective"

Anton Glieder

Professor in Biotechnology
Graz University of Technology


Gaurav Gupta

Senior Research Scientist
University of Oxford

"VLPs as carrier for potential vaccine candidates"

Brad Johnson

Director of Downstream Process Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Using innovation to tackle the downstream process bottleneck"

Manmeet Kaur

Research Fellow
The University of Auckland

"Protein based nanomaterials"

Catherine Owczarek

Director, Recombinant Proteins
CSL Limited

"Recombinant Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells: Bridging the gap between research and development"

Bernd Rehm

Professor and Director of Centre for Cell Factories and Biopolymers
Griffith University

"In vivo assembled polyester scaffolds for protein production"

Derek Richard

Professor and Scientific Director of Cancer & Ageing Research Program
Queensland University of Technology

"Understanding the role of DNA repair in disease and ageing"

Anne Skaja Robinson

Professor and Head of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

"Control of glycosylation in antibody expression in CHO cells"

Sabine Suppmann

Head Protein Production
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

"A Protein Production Core Facility - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Nicole van der Weerden

Hexima Limited

"Using natures antimicrobial peptide arsenal to treat fungal nail infections"

Ross Wilson

Principal Investigator
Berkeley University of California

"Engineering CRISPR-Cas9 for cell-targeted therapeutic genome editing"




2-hour workshop on the different stages of recombinant protein production.
Postgraduate research students will share their research.
Separate Q&A panels for participants to ask the experts and drill into the technical details on protein production for various applications.
Vendors will share the latest developments in equipment and reagents.











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