Protein Australia - Ask the Experts Panel

Are you having similar questions? 

  • What features on the expression vector will have an impact on my purification strategy?
  • What parameters can I optimise to improve soluble target protein expression? 
  • How will the choice of cell line for protein expression impact my commercial intent?
  • What is the impact of affinity tag on biological activity and protein stability?
  • How do I design a purification strategy if I do not have a tag on my protein?
  • Why is it important to access protein quality at every stage of the process?

We have a session tailored for you. This is an opportunity to explore the wealth of knowledge of our panel experts to answer your questions on recombinant protein production.

Select from one of the 3 concurrent sessions to attend and come ready to ask questions.



Animal cell expression

Protein purification and characterisation

The panel sessions will be held on Thursday 18 July (check the program for more information)

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